Medoc Mountain State Park

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1541 Medoc State Park Road, Hollister, NC 27844
GPS: 36.2639, -77.8883

Should the humdrum of nine-to-five leave you with the urge to travel and explore, head to Medoc Mountain State Park. A pleasurable excursion awaits just a 1.5-hour drive from the Research Triangle.

At Medoc Mountain, the urban refugee finds a welcome tranquility, a chance to embrace the outdoors. Trails beckon as light filters through branches overhead and falls on paths that hold the promise of new frontiers. The peacefulness gives the opportunity to refresh. The silence of the forest is broken only by bird songs and the occasional drumming of the pileated woodpecker. Grab your hiking boots. Load your camera. Spend some time at Medoc Mountain State Park and let nature renew your spirit.