Carvers Creek State Park

The Rockefeller house

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Long Valley Farm Access area off East Manchester Road in Spring Lake, NC is Open as the Park's Interim Development is complete. ... details ±
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(910) 436-4681

2505 Long Valley Road, Spring Lake, NC 28390-1645
GPS: 35.2110525, -78.9774719

Authorized by the General Assembly in 2005, Carvers Creek State Park in Cumberland County is in the early stages of development for public use. A master plan been prepared for what will be North Carolina's 36th state park and encompass more than 4,000 acres.

The first major acquisition for the state park was 1,371 acres of longleaf pine forest near U.S. 401 north of Fayetteville, with the help of The Nature Conservancy. This longleaf pine ecosystem is an important habitat for several endangered and protected plant and animal species, most notably the red-cockaded woodpecker. Pending land acquisition in this area will expand this section of the park to the eastern edge of Ft. Bragg. In the summer of 2010, the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation accepted the donation of the 1,420-acre Long Valley Farm from The Nature Conservancy. This historic farm was once the estate of James Stillman Rockefeller.

The park's master plan was recently completed. At this time none of the facilities in the master plan are in place. Currently, the interim development facilities are in place and open to the public as discussed in the alert message above.