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Carvers Creek State Park
Long Valley Farm Access area off East Manchester Road in Spring Lake, NC is Open as the Park's Interim Development is complete.
Interim facilities include 1.75 round-trip miles of hiking trails, including a half-mile, one-way hike to fish at the millpond and observation deck, view the historic Rockefeller house, spring house, pavilion and other historic structures. Several picnic sites have been put into place, and a ranger contact station is open to the public seven days a week from 8:00am to 5:00pm or longer if staffing allows. The park phone number is (910) 436-4681.
update on: 2015-02-27 11:18:28

Chimney Rock State Park
CLOSURE ALERT: Elevator Out of Service / Climbing Permits Required at Rumbling Bald Access / CLOSURE ALERT: Chimney Rock Access Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays Through March 7
The park elevator is temporarily out of service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on getting service restored.
A new climbing policy at the Rumbling Bald Access has been put into place. All climbers must fill out a free climbing permit before bouldering or rock climbing. Permits are available at the parking lot kiosk.

Organized groups of climbers must register at least two weeks in advance by submitting a Special Activity Permit application to the park superintendent.
Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park will be closed each Wednesday and Thursday from January 7 through March 7. This will give the park the opportunity to upgrade facilities and perform annual maintenance. The Rumbling Bald Climbing Access will remain open seven days a week.
update on: 2015-03-02 09:37:58

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park
Mill Creek crossing flooded due to high river levels. Hikers may use dam spillway crossing to access Bird & Galax trails. See an on-duty ranger for assistance if needed.

update on: 2015-03-04 10:49:48

Crowders Mountain State Park
Expect Parking Delays or Gate closures on nice weather weekends.
The park's attendance swelled to over 577,000 visitors in 2014 and is showing the same trend so far in 2015. The vast majority of visitors come on weekends and holidays, resulting in no parking spaces being available, long waits to get a parking space, and, in some cases, staff being required to close the gates temporarily for safety reasons.

If at all possible please avoid coming to the park between 10AM-4PM on pretty weekends and holidays, be patient if you have to wait to get a parking space, and, if you find the gate closed, try to come back during a less busy time.

Remember that parking in undesignated areas is illegal and could result in citation/fines/towing of your vehicle. Staff are doing everything they can to provide parking as safely and efficiently as possible.

Thanks for your help!

update on: 2015-03-04 13:52:48

Dismal Swamp State Park
Update: Monday 3/2/2015- The Boardwalk and most trails have been re-opened. The Supple-jack hiking trail remains closed.

update on: 2015-03-02 15:55:48

Elk Knob State Park
Slush and Ice on Trails
Park roads are cleared but trails are retaining snow/ice. Please use traction devices on boots when hiking.
update on: 2015-03-02 07:14:29

Eno River State Park
All areas open.
All park areas open. Pedestrians are urged to use extreme caution. Trails will be extremely slick. (2/27/15)
update on: 2015-02-27 14:40:04

Fort Macon State Park
Bathhouse Restrooms Closed for Renovation
Renovation work has started on the Fort Macon Bathhouse. During the construction process the old public restrooms will be closed with temporary facilities provided near the parking lot. Access to the picnic shelters and beach will still be available, but some areas of the board walk near the bathhouse will be closed to the public as a construction zone. We hope to have the downstairs public restrooms complete and reopened by late spring or early summer of 2015.
update on: 2015-02-06 11:26:52

Gorges State Park
All roads and trails are open. Park trails are slushy and muddy, creating slippery conditions in some areas. Park visitors are encouraged to use extreme caution on trails and walkways. Remember to dress appropriately for changing weather conditions. 3/4/15
All roads and trails are open. Park trails are slushy and muddy, creating slippery conditions in some areas. Park visitors are encouraged to use extreme caution on trails and walkways. Remember to dress appropriately for changing weather conditions. 3/4/15
update on: 2015-03-04 09:35:48

Grandfather Mountain State Park
Hiking to the Bridge? Hike back down or have pre-arranged ride.

If you are hiking to the swinging bridge (in the private Grandfather Mountain attraction): you must have a pre-arranged ride or hike back down the trail. The attraction staff is not permitted to give rides to hikers and hikers are not permitted to hike down the Attraction road.
Call 828.733.4337 for Attraction gate hours.

update on: 2015-02-27 16:30:33

Hammocks Beach State Park
Bear Island Bathhouse Scheduled to re-open March 14, 2015. Ferry Service scheduled to resume April 3, 2015, Annual Ferry Passes Now Available for 2015 Ferry Season!
The bathhouse on Bear Island with rest room facilities and potable water are currently winterized, and barring any freezing temperatures or maintenance problems will reopen on March 14, 2015. Prior to March 14, 2015 camping on the island is open but campers must bring all necessities with them including drinking water. Ferry Service for the 2015 season will resume April 3, 2015. Please click the Ferry Schedule link on the left of this page for a complete listing of ferry departure days and times. Annual ferry passes for the 2015 are available for $50.00 at the park office. Contact the park office at hammocks.beach@ncparks.gov or 910.326.4881 with questions.
update on: 2015-02-25 16:55:30

Haw River State Park
Haw River State Park is now open until 5 p.m. today. Please be aware that although the park road is cleared, the secondary roads leading to the park are not.

update on: 2015-02-26 12:55:23

Hanging Rock State Park
Hanging Rock State Park Open
Hanging Rock State Park has resumed normal operating hours.
update on: 2015-02-26 17:44:58

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area
Campground information
Crosswinds campground is closed for the season. All camping loops are scheduled to open Monday, March 30, 2015.

New Hope Overlook Primitive campground is closed for the season. Campground will reopen Thursday, March 05, 2015.

Poplar Point campground is closed for the season. Loop E is scheduled to open Monday, March 09, 2015. Loop C is scheduled to open Monday, March 16, 2015. Loop B is scheduled to open Monday, March 23, 2015.

Parker's Creek Campground: Loops 1, 2, and 4 north will be open year-round to accommodate the fall 2014/winter 2015 camping season. On Monday, November 17, 2014, all water will be cut off to individual campsites for the winter months. If you should need water, please use the frost proof water spigots located at each shower house. The shower houses will remain open with hot water.

Vista Point is closed for the season and scheduled to open Thursday, March 05, 2015.
update on: 2015-03-02 08:47:10

Lake James State Park
Mountain Bike Trails are Closed! Catawba River Area campground is open thru Nov. 30. Hidden Cove Boat Access is now open for the season.
The mountain bike trails at Lake James are temporarily closed to allow them to dry out following recent precipitation. To protect the trails from damage and keep our riders safe during these hazardous conditions, they will be closed whenever trails are too wet to allow riders. Accordingly, riders should contact the park prior to arrival to confirm that the trail is open.
update on: 2015-03-04 08:22:10

Lumber River State Park
Chalk Banks Access Area is open again as of 2-26-15.
Ice storm damage has been removed from Chalk Banks Access Area and all facilities there are fully open again for visitors to safely enter. Enjoy your visit.
update on: 2015-02-28 17:18:00

Mayo River State Park
Mayo River State Park is operating under its normal schedule.
The park is operating normally.
update on: 2015-03-04 15:42:45

Medoc Mountain State Park
Medoc Mountain State Park will re-open today February 27th at 10:00 a.m. Caution is recommended over the next few days for motorists to be aware of the possibility of "black ice" on the roadways during the morning hours. The trails still have snow and ice accumulation and caution is also urged for hikers.
If you would like to receive electronic notification of prescribed burns, the park would like to ask you for an email address that you can be reached at. Your email will not be shared with anyone, and you will not be included on “reply-all’s” or routine emails from the park. This list-serve would only be used for notification of prescribed fires or emergencies. Prior to a planned prescribed burn you will receive an email and a location of the burn within the state park. If at any time you would like to be removed from this email list you would have the option to have your contact information deleted by calling or emailing the park.

Please send an email to medoc.mountain@ncparks.gov if you would like to be added to this list serve.

update on: 2015-02-27 09:53:33

Mount Jefferson State Natural Area
2/27/15 - Mount Jefferson is now open. Trails are heavily snow covered at this time.

update on: 2015-02-27 12:07:01

Mount Mitchell State Park
Mount Mitchell State Park current information:
03/04/2015 updated at 08:03 pm - Current conditions: 43 degrees with cloudy skies. Yesterday's high was 47 degrees with an overnight low of 32 degrees.

Mount Mitchell State Park is closed. The blue ridge parkway access is closed from highway 80 and south of Mount Mitchell(from Asheville)due to icy/hazardous road conditions.

Year to date snow total 106 inches.

Be advised sections of trails are ice covered.

update on: 2015-03-04 08:04:30

Morrow Mountain State Park
Morrow Mountain State Park Bridle Trails are CLOSED.
Roadways are cleared, exercise caution when using the park. Roadways are wet and may include slick patches. Snow may cover park trails.
update on: 2015-03-03 11:33:33

New River State Park

update on: 2015-03-04 10:15:32

Pettigrew State Park
Boat Ramp Details Canoe Artifacts off Exhibit
Lake Level is 11.50 with about 4.0 feet of water in the ramp area. Most boats will have little difficulties loading/unloading.

Canoe Artifacts have been moved to East Carolina University for restoration and are temporarily off exhibit. Please contact the park office at 252-797-4475 for more information.
update on: 2015-02-22 09:14:12

Pilot Mountain State Park
The road into the North River Section is closed due to wet conditions. You may still park outside the area and hike the river trails. All Horse trails closed due to wet conditions. The road and the hiking trails in the Mountain Section of the park are all opened.
We are now accepting applications for a Park Attendant. This position is seasonal and will last 11 months. It is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in a career in parks because it allows you to be involved in a wide variety of daily park tasks required to effectively operate a state park. If interested please complete the application found at this link http://ncparks.gov/Jobs/docs/pd107ltr.doc and submit it to the park office via mail or in person. You can also email it to pilot.mountain@ncparks.gov

The Mountain is located at exit 131 on US Highway 52/I-74. Do not use GPS to reach the mountain. Google Maps is directing visitors to our river section 20 miles away.


Equestrians - To preserve park bridle trails for your continued use and enjoyment, all trails are closed to horses after rain. Riding on wet trails creates hazardous areas and erodes the trail. Riding trails when wet will cause their closure for maintenance and their closure to bridle use. If it has rained, wait to ride another day. DUE TO LEGAL AGREEMENT THE RAILROAD CROSSING AT THE RIVER IS CLOSED TO HORSES. DO NOT RIDE ALONG OR ACROSS THE RAILROAD.
update on: 2015-03-04 16:09:48

Raven Rock State Park
Use CAUTION on Trails!
USE CAUTION as trails, stairs, rocks, sidewalks and boardwalks can still be icy and very slippery. For better stability in these conditions it is recommended to wear sturdy shoes and use a hiking stick.
update on: 2015-02-20 15:20:04

William B. Umstead State Park
Multi-use Parking Lot Closed. Most portions of the park are open. Use Caution - icy conditions on trails and roads throughout park.
All main roads are open in the Park. Multi-use Parking Lot Closed. Gravel roads are impassable so horse and bicycle parking lot on Sycamore Road will remain closed until snow thaws and road dries out. Please check website for updates.
update on: 2015-02-28 11:59:18