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News at North Carolina State Parks

News about the state parks system is the domain of the Public Information Office. The office also responds to questions from the media and the public about the system, its mission and its activities and can be contacted at the phone/email below. News about local events at parks can be found using the "Events" tab on each park's home page.

Click the sub tab at the top of this page for current state parks media releases distributed through the Public Affairs Office of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. You'll also find photographs that accompany some releases and a two-year archive.

The Steward is a regular newsletter of news and feature articles about the state parks. It covers topics such as land acquisition, new park development, educational programs, research in the parks and natural resources. Suggestions for future articles are welcome. Click the sub tab at the top of this page for the current and back issues of The Steward.

An "Alerts" section of this site can be reached from the column on the left and active alerts will appear at the top of all applicable pages. Severe weather and other events can sometimes disrupt operations or prompt closings at state parks. Facilities and portions of parks can also be closed due to construction or maintenance. The main alerts section can update you on current conditions at all parks.