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With nearly 13 million people visiting North Carolina's state parks each year, a tremendous responsibility falls on the system's facility services staff to keep everything in working order. Each state park has a self-sufficient staff of maintenance mechanics, which is often augmented by general utility workers.

The key word for a state park maintenance mechanic is versatility. He or she not only maintains facilities and equipment, but may even be called on to help design and build everything from trails and bridges to workshops and educational exhibits. Skills across the construction trades are highly prized, as is creativity in getting a job done. Some of the parks system's mechanics even have search-and-rescue and lifesaving skills and serve in support of the ranger staff.

Post-high school education is not required for maintenance mechanics, but is preferred. Candidates are sought who have broad experience in maintenance, systems repair and fabrication and who enjoy working in the outdoors and in the family-like setting of a state parks staff.

There is opportunity for job advancement as a maintenance mechanic and opportunity for advanced, specialized training. Aside from the variety of the work, there's also the opportunity to serve the local community and to be involved in protecting the state's natural resources.