Employment with N.C. State Parks

The state parks system is charged with protecting some of North Carolina's most treasured natural resources and landmarks, with helping people enjoy them and with teaching about their importance. So, most jobs in the system are naturally geared toward that mission of stewardship. State park rangers are the public face of the parks system. But, their efforts are complemented by the skills and talents of many others.

Around the state, a cadre of maintenance mechanics, office assistants and general utility workers keep the parks running and make sure the resources and facilities are ready for millions of visitors each year.

Further behind the scenes are specialists necessary to meet the mission. Those include biologists and researchers in natural resource management, environmental educators and artists who create exhibits and programs, construction managers who develop new facilities and rehabilitate older ones, planners and landscape architects who design new parks and improve existing ones, trail specialists whose work helps visitors explore the natural wonders and writers and graphic artists who produce brochures, educational texts, maps and websites such as this one.

And like any government agency, the state parks system needs core administrative support in human resources, finance, purchasing and computer technology.

The jobs are varied but the purpose of stewardship remains the same. And, that's what makes working for North Carolina state parks very special.